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Are you searching for the best tie dye for you and your family

It's time to get your favourite T-shirts that you will love it forever once you try it out 

We have a new collection 2021 that you can check it out through our official website 

Here are some of our new collection that you can check through our website 

- Home wear Tie Dye 2021

Nothing better than touching Colourful clouds. That's the feeling that our customers get when they wear our NEW TIE DYE Home Wear. Enjoy your evening with our 100% cotton shirts Tie Dyed PROFESSIONALLY

Order Now WOMAN RAINBOW TIE DYE  Tshirt & PANTS SET  from the link below:


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Order Now OUR KIDS TIE DYE UNICORN PANTS PYJAMAS for your beloved boys or girls  from the link below:

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- Couples Tie Dye 2021

We have a unisex shirts for a romantic outing with your beloved ones, Give it a try and order the best shirt fit for you and your endless LOVE

A memorable gift that stays forever in his/her cupboard to draw a smile every time s/he get ready to leave for work or outing 

You can order it now and receive it in 2-3 working days. 


- Kids Wear Tie Dye 2021

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Amazing outing starts with a selective Tie dye collection from Cottonovi 

Draw a beautiful smile by ordering the best gift for your beloved kids

Order Now BOY BLACK TIE DYE T-SHIRT from link below


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- Boy Tie Dye Shirt 2021

Cottonovi Tie Dye 2021 Super Heroes Collection

This Summer , Your kids will enjoy wearing by their own after trying out our NEW Super Hero Tie Dye 

We have the best tie dye made out of 100% premium Cotton 

Order Now  BOY BLUE TIE DYE T-SHIRT from the link below

Egypt Tye Die Order Now Cottonovi 2021

For Customisation and replacing the marvel print with other super heroes that your kids love to have , you can contact us via instagram or facebook  account @cottonovi 

We are here to serve a smile on your kids face #cottonovi 

Get inspired and stay creative 

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-Girls Tie Dye 2021

Isn't it cool to stay amazing.. ❤️️

Girls love our mix of colours in our Tie Dye Collection 

Order Now  ❤️️ GIRLS TIE DYE T-SHIRT from the link below

Girls Tie Dye Egypt  

Here comes the trendy purple Tie Dye that grabs the attention of your kids' friends 

Order Now PURPLE TIE DYE T-SHIRT from the link below

purple Tie Dye

- Customizable  Tshirt Tie Dye 2021

Customise and add the name of your kids on our 100% cotton tie dye by Contacting us via  instagram or facebook @cottonovi 

For seniors/ Juniors Order Contact us via Whatsapp (002) 01063488809

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For bulk order and resellers contact us via Whatsapp (002) 01063488809